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Never Fear Payroll Again!

Are you working longer and longer days to keep up with your work, but are avoiding hiring help because you are avoiding payroll tax reporting?

Recently lost your trusty bookkeeper or accountant, and afraid the new guy or gal is a payroll tax penalty waiting to happen?

Are you wondering if you are paying too much for your payroll service?

Maybe you are looking for ways to cut your overall business payroll expenses?

Trying to decide whether to hire your first employee?  Or looking at ways to cut current payroll expenses?  We have suggestions here...

Confused about payroll taxes?  Look here first...

Looking for an inexpensive all-inclusive payroll service?  Check out the options in our Online Payroll page.

Have a question about payroll?  Search our common payroll questions, or submit your own question for our payroll experts.

Need help with QuickBooks payroll?  Find it here...

The Payroll Source helps business owners with all things payroll.  If you are looking to do your own payroll processing, have questions about payroll issues or want the best payroll service for your business, we are here to help.

Whether you have one employee or one hundred, The Payroll Source is your source for all things Payroll!

Recent Questions and Answers

I want to start a cash bonus program for my sales team.  Will I have any payroll tax issues with this?
My computer is down and I have to get payroll out now.  What do I do?
What's the difference between payroll options in QuickBooks?

Funny Payroll Story

Just last week we had a new employee call me insisting that she never authorized us to withhold OASDI and how dare we withhold from her check without her approval. I explained this is Social Security Tax, to which she replied "But I worked for that money, it wasn't Social Security!"   -Melissa P

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Looking for a One Step and Your Done payroll resource?

Check out our Online Payroll Service, complete with Payroll Tax Guarantee!

Payroll Tip

Make sure you provide new employees with written details on how and when they will be paid.  Different expectations about money can sour the best employer/employee relationships...